Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Keepers at Home

Twice a month, Addy and I attend Keepers at Home meetings where we get together with other home school girls to learn homemaking skills and Biblical character skills. This month, we are learning gentleness and baking. This particular week, the girls learned how to make pies. Addy just eats this stuff pun intended (yeah, right)

Start with a prayer

Lots of questions

it's a hands-on experience

oh yeah, the butter...

The look of concentration

The Masterpiece

...and the topper of the night...remember how I said they were learning gentleness? Well, right after this moment I dumped Addy's pie on the floor...some things never change, right Mom?


Maggie said...

Good job, Addy! Your pie looks scrumdidlyumptious!

Mandi, I laughed quite heretically about you dumping her pie on the floor...sometimes you just exude gracefulness!

M. said...

Yes, I laugh at myself quite often, too.

Really, though, it was so sad. She laughed about it, but I could tell she was holding back tears. Tears that she would have shed, had she dropped it herself.

Anonymous said...

mmnmmm i want one of the pies....just perfect sizzzzeeeee

Anonymous said...


I remember that moment well...almost ready to take the pie to the Deschutes County Fair and cherry pie all over the floor!! So sad...