Monday, March 12, 2007

Münchweiler, our "Willage" (German for village)

I got a new wide-angle lens in preparation for my trip to Venice next month. We took a walk Saturday evening and I used that opportunity to try it out. These are some pictures of our village; boy we’re going to miss this!

Our house. Yes, it's pink. Kate loves it so much and is hoping that our next one will be purple. I'm trying to prepare her for the disappointment.

Right outside our front door

Our exit off the autobahn

Bridge over the autobahn

Henry's lovely new camera face

The Poser

Our house is the one to the right of the blue roof.


Maggie said...

I wery much vant to wisit your willage vith a wicious weracity!

M. said...

You're velcome to come any time! :)