Sunday, March 25, 2007


We have some friends who live about 25 minutes south of us in the town of Johanniskruez. It's a tiny village, but full of historical relevance. On this visit, we took a walk out in the woods and our kids went romping through Nazi trenches that were used in World War II. They had no idea what they were doing, just having fun.

Do you see the date on this marker? (159)

The simple things in life...sticks!

The trenches are hard to see in this photo and they are starting to get filled in by the environment, but they're still there.

Phil ended up carrying all the coats on HIS stick (Henry helped)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Just Keep Swingin'

It was a beautiful day today. We went to home school co-op a bit early and played on the playground. Now that we have the "taste of spring," it's going to be hard if it cools back down!

Monday, March 12, 2007

M├╝nchweiler, our "Willage" (German for village)

I got a new wide-angle lens in preparation for my trip to Venice next month. We took a walk Saturday evening and I used that opportunity to try it out. These are some pictures of our village; boy we’re going to miss this!

Our house. Yes, it's pink. Kate loves it so much and is hoping that our next one will be purple. I'm trying to prepare her for the disappointment.

Right outside our front door

Our exit off the autobahn

Bridge over the autobahn

Henry's lovely new camera face

The Poser

Our house is the one to the right of the blue roof.

Addy's 9th Birthday

Addy turned nine on the 2nd! Only one more year of the single digits; Wow! It was our “off year” for a party, so we just had friends over for a leisurely celebration. She was spoiled with gifts this year, as usual. The day I brought her gifts out, I told her she had too many presents and she said, “Why don’t you put some aside for next year then?” Just as serious as could be…I guess she called my bluff. What a girl…

The ugliest cake in the world