Friday, December 01, 2006

Dave and the Gingerbread House

Meet Dave...he looks nice, right?

Think again! Dave knows I HATE making gingerbread houses. The first gingerbread house I ever made was at Dave and Bev's house when Addy was a baby. I went over there, Bev made the gingerbread pieces from scratch, baked them and then we tried to assemble the houses. What a nightmare! The pieces wouldn't stay in place and I declared then and there that I hate gingerbread houses! the next year I decide to get one with pre-fit pieces in a kit and it still was a nightmare, so I said...NEVER AGAIN!!!

Well, Dave thinks those statements are funny so the next year I receive a pre fabricated kit in the mail from Dave, so I had to make guessed it...I still HATE building gingerbread houses. The frosting never works right, it makes a big mess and I totally lose the holiday spirit!

So, years have passed and I've successfully forgotten about my past hatred of gingerbread houses until this year...we receive a care package in the mail from Dave and Bev with lots of fun things...including a gingerbread house kit! Of course, the tag on it says "to Phil and Henry." Yeah, right...

I decided hard can this really be? I'm a pro at frosting and crafts, so what's the big deal? I built it with the kids and after we got the candy on the roof, it started slipping, so I'm holding it together while the kids are trying to hold the candy on and meanwhile trying to (and succeeding) stuff as much candy into their mouths....and all the while I'm saying, "I HATE GINGERBREAD HOUSES!!!" Kate then says, "um, Mommy...the side is falling in." I had to take the whole thing apart and start over. Anyway, the finished product looks all right, as long as you don't look at the left side, it's sort of caving in. (No, that's not the side Kate noticed; I fixed that side.) sigh.

By the way, who wants to eat candy that's been sitting out for a month and covered in rock-hard frosting? Oh yeah, MY kids do!

Did I mention I hate gingerbread houses?

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