Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flying to the States

We're off to the States tomorrow. We'll be in Virginia for about two weeks, visiting Phil's family. We're very excited about the visit, but the traveling part and the jet leg part aren't the best. We are also transferring through London and we just heard they are famous for losing luggage. Ugh. I've never had lost luggage before and I hope this won't be a first. Oh well, we're going to the land of Target.

I found out some results from blood tests today. I've had a decrease in my antibodies that my body is overproducing, causing the Myasthenia Gravis. That's good news. Back in May, they were VERY elevated and they've been going down since then. This isn't a direct correlation, but instead is just an indication. I'll take the good news, though!

I received the results from the liver ultrasound and my liver, pancreas, gallbladder and right kidney are all normal and healthy. I didn't get the result yet of my bilirubin test this week, though.

My neutrophils are elevated again. I guess last week was a fluke, because they're back up at 84.2% this week. That's discouraging news, but I don't know yet what it all means. I'm going to try to call my doctor tomorrow before I leave.

Okay, so here's a funny from Henry. We're still working on the potty thing and he went poop on the toilet the other day and I got all excited and praised him and then he went out and said to Addy, "I went poop on the potty train!"

I may or may not post until we get back. So until then...

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