Wednesday, October 04, 2006

First Post!

Here I am, finally entering the blogging world. Things are busy here in Germany. At this point Phil and I are both ready to leave to go just about anywhere as long as we aren't here any more. With all the deployments, Phil is just way too busy at work and it's getting old.

These are some pictures of a trip to the park this summer and the one of Henry is playing in Daddy's car, one of his favorite pasttimes.

The kids are doing well. We are in our 6th week of school and it's going very well. Addy is so focused, which is such a blessing. Some days she finishes all her work by 10am, other days it's a bit longer, depending on the work for the day. Kate is done in about 30 minutes, which is about the length of her attention span.

I am trying to potty-train Henry Pull-Up style. It's the lazy way, I know, but I just don't have the energy to do anything else. He is doing okay, but it will be a while longer before it "clicks." He is the most demonstrative of any of my kids, which is a surprise to me, with him being a boy and so shy around others.

My health is okay. I seem to have stabilized since July and haven't gotten better. I still continue to run about 4 days a week and go about 3 miles each day. Some days are better than others. It's so hard to run in the dark. I run around 6am, before Phil leaves for work. I feel really good as soon as I've finished the run, though. As of a couple weeks ago, I found out that my liver is having some problems. I go to the doctor next week, so hopefully I'll get some answers then.

We love all of you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Hello Hello,
it's nice to here that you smacked Phil. Give him 1 from me, o.K.
We are missing you, looking foreward to see you.

B from the P's

You know who i am ?

Anonymous said...

Hello there Mandy. Jens here. I read through your blog. Well done.
I also hope your life can calm down a bit. Perhaps a little trip might be nice.
Greetings to Phil.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandi,

I have sent emails based on the address I have gotten from Ken.

You and your whole family are greatly missed.

If you were going to get this trial of illness, we wish that the faith family could be by your side to be a part of getting through it.

As it stands you are often in our prayers. Thanks for the blog. Pretty high tech as far as I am concerned.

Let Andy Pettite I mean Phil. His secret is safe with me. I saw him several times pitching for Houston this last year.

I hope you get this message and I hope that you are all growing in the Lord.

Debbie and I now host a group like Ken and Dorothy did. Think of you both often for that reason. Those were some great times getting together. IF you ever get out of Germany we are hoping that it brings you back to Mchord.

Debbie and I send our love.